I only run a couple of times a week at the moment, as I’ve been focusing more on strength training & enjoying a bit of fun with HIIT, spin and pole fitness too. That’s definitely what I’ll miss when the marathon training gets heavy, but I am committing to at least one strength session per week in this plan and will try and fit more in on easy running days too, depending how I feel. Probably not on the days following the 20 miles or hard intervals.

So I’ve just been maintaining running fitness since about October – it’s been nice. Concentrating on easy running & not really caring about pace has been good for me, but I’ve often chosen a gym session over a run and going back to five times a week might be a bit stressful at first. October and November were my lowest mileage months this year, according to Garmin:

But I’ve been able to pick that up in December, with 36 miles so far and hopefully a few more to go before the year closes out.

I do like the routine of T/W/T/S/S running, with Mondays and Fridays devoted to other stuff or rest, which is why I’ve chosen a Hal Higdon training plan for the spring. This programme of running fits in well with my club commitments, and Fridays are a good choice of rest day if you work regular office hours. Saturday parkrun can be very flexible – hills, speed or a longer run (it’s 11km if I run to and from my nearest parkrun) and last time I was marathon training, I quite looked forward to the easy run to or from work. I usually did this on Wednesdays and it could be anything between 5-10 miles depending on plan. It’s fairly similar this time round, except I work somewhere else now which adds about a mile onto the distance. Looking forward to less looping around Glasgow Green!

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