Week Zero

I am not really a new years resolution type of person, so couldn’t possibly start a new training plan in the first week of January. I’ve been plenty busy with other stuff this week too, including a stressful week at a relatively new job, a stupid and unexpected DIY project, and lots of other Xmas/New Year disruption, so I am starting the proper plan next week and have blended weeks 2-3 to make up for it 🙂

Week 0 was an increased mileage and general prep week, and ended up being:

  • Running to Victoria parkrun on New Year’s Day – a nice 5 miles at marathon pace
  • Two strength sessions.  My usual lifting routine would be three or four sessions a week, which I’ll start winding down in February as the running miles increase, and potentially focus on leg, glute and hip strength work to complement my running. Cross-training on Mondays will usually be strength-focused, but won’t be the same high weight/low rep lifting I do when I am not training for races.
  • An easy but cold 3 miles by the river one lunchtime
  • Drumchapel parkrun, for the fun of hills. As usual, the inclines started to bite on the second lap but I got a good strong finish and a few seconds shaved off for a new pb. Sub-30mins is in my sights, but I’ll have to find the extra seconds on the uphills.
  • Long run was 9 miles as a support leader with GFR – a nice East End and South Side route that visited several former picture houses and was a lovely social run with fantastic local knowledge and facts. I love Glasgow’s architecture & will definitely remember to look up more. Can’t believe I’d never noticed the beautiful window detailing at Waterstones on Sauchiehall Street before.



Total miles: 18

Nutrition: average. I’m not doing veganuary, dry January or anything like that, but I’ve had a couple of boredom/tiredness induced snacking times without the running miles to make up for it. Back to proper routine next week should help with that.

Lunch after nine miles: not ideal, but needs must

Feeling: pretty good, really. Not too much festive over-indulgence & a small increase in weekly mileage makes it a good week. Felt slightly tired on the long run, but that could be due to anything & has made me resolve to stretch properly & go to bed early tonight.

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