Week 3

Week 3!

Monday: strength session. Still a deload week, so it was alright, but I finished off with half an hour on the spin bike just to stretch my legs out. It was dull. I managed about 10km, so that can be my benchmark for the next few weeks.

One minute in: no.

Tuesday: 3 miles intervals. I wanted this to be outside, but work had been quite full-on and stressful, & I knew if I went home I would struggle to get back outside again, so I did 6x400m sprints on the treadmill after a 1km warmup, then cooled down to the 5km point. Recoveries were about 1-2 minutes jog. It didn’t feel great, & I was tired by the third repeat, but I made it to the end. I am very inspired by what other marathoners are doing for interval training & will mix it up depending on how I’m feeling, what’s inspired me, or what I’m advised.

Wednesday: 3 miles easy, & a strength sesh.

Thursday: 6 miles easy. Was meant to do this on Wednesday, but I had jog-leading duties so swapped it round. It was below freezing so quite a tough run, but good company makes up for that. Big group though, & trying to keep it easy by leading from the back can be difficult.

January at GFR: busy

Slight anxiety at diverging from THE PLAN, which is on a Google sheet (so my mum can see what I’m up to without having to WhatsApp me) but also stuck to the kitchen wall just in case. Once it has too many scribbled-out bits I’ll print out a fresh one.

Friday: rest day. I really like having the rest day on a Friday, as I am in a relatively new job which is quite tiring and involves a lot of travel. I was absolutely ready for Netflix & chill tea & no running.

Saturday: Plan specified 6 miles, I made this a bit tempo by running slowly to parkrun, going for a 27 minute-ish time there, and then running slowly home. It was still January-busy so I got stuck in a slow-moving group for a bit, but there is a clear difference in pace from the 5km point once I broke out of that. Actual time was 28-something but 3 MP & 3 easy miles were all in there so I am happy.

Parkrun began at 4km

Gym in the afternoon for more strength work. I am getting to know the regulars at my new gym, & probably need to stop being heart-eyes emoji towards a woman who squats 120kg for 5 & a man with nice hair who manages an effortless-looking heavy power clean.

I am basically a gym creep now

Sunday: 12 miles easy. 9 of it with GFR and an extra bit for me at the beginning & end. I usually want the extra miles on the start of the run so I can cool down & brunch with the crew, but it was logistically not possible today so I jogged miserably around the West End until I got to 20km. Then I realised I had left my keys in the flat.

This is a woman who is about to lock herself out of her own house

Thank goodness for Uber, Apple Pay, the many coffee shops in my ‘hood, & locating a set of spare keys within half an hour. Hanging around in Glasgow’s 2° January, slightly sweaty without a jacket, wasn’t great, & I spent 20 minutes just tucked up next to a radiator thawing out when I eventually got in. I didn’t stretch either, which hopefully doesn’t affect me too much. Bath & stretch tonight should solve it.

Total miles: 30. This is more like it.

Nutrition: fine enough. Had a couple of early starts, missed lunches, and travelling days which make it less easy to prep, but I’m happy enough.

Feeling: Meh. Not sleeping well, legs are slightly heavy, & I am stretching a lot. Making sure to alternate heavy days with easy runs is good, but requires easy runs to really be easy. I am reading The art of running faster & it’s a good reminder on technique – long runs are about time on your feet, not speed, & easy runs should leave you feeling fresh at the end.

Week 4 approaches. I am not looking forward to it, as I am working all over the place & I fear it will just be about carrying a gym bag everywhere & jumping on a treadmill whenever I can…

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