Spin is usually a winter thing for me, when I don’t get out on the bike as much. I was a regular spin rat years ago, and when I returned to the gym it was one of the only classes I enjoyed doing at PureGym, as I’d been cycling enough for transport and occasionally for leisure that it didn’t feel too bad. Running gradually took over as my main cardio and aside from commuting a couple of times a week and occasional long weekend rides, I cared less about cycling and spin fell out of favour, mainly because class times never fitted in with my schedule very well.

I can’t remember when I learned about Cyclebox. I’d read this, and this, and the Glasgow boxing scene has a lot of shared insta hashtags so I’d seen their sexy black & white photos floating about on social media for a while. But it wasn’t until a couple of friends went along & reported back (“Great” / “I nearly cried”) that I got the confidence to turn up for my first ride last summer. It did not disappoint.

An average day of sitting at a desk followed by a 5pm class. ‘Help’ indeed.

Changing your routine is always good, and Cyclebox changes enough to keep you on your toes every time. Like regular spin classes you can control the resistance on the bike & tone it down if you’re not feeling powerful, although I always take the specified level/RPM as a personal challenge even if my legs are crying. The circuits/boxing half of the session is equally tough, but there’s enough upper & lower body focus variation to get a full body workout and get a bit of relief between rounds too. The different exercises are always explained well if you’re unfamiliar with good technique, & I have shared enough not-quite-defeated-yet glances with other equally sweaty, knackered people half way through to know that everyone is working as hard as they can, every time. You wouldn’t dare not.

Mid class, brief respite.

It’s the only workout since Metafit where I have felt genuinely exhausted & ready for the end of the hour, which is proof of how awesome it is, but weird now I’ve been using it as an active recovery session following the hard running days. The energy & support in the classes is powerful & so motivating, so I still enjoy it even if my legs are sore.

As noted in Week 2, I won’t cope with classes when the running miles get heavy, and I’ll miss Cyclebox a lot. Fantastic trainers, friendly people, good tunes & one of the best workouts I’ve ever done. Check it out!

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