Baby box unwrapped

Not strictly running or fitness related, but do bear with me…

Scotland started providing free baby boxes in 2017. I’ve always thought they were a pretty good idea – the evidence behind their benefit has been slightly misrepresented and politicised over the years, but the general idea is fantastic. Also, who doesn’t like free stuff? There have been a couple of stories in the press about charity shops being inundated with the contents, but that seems quite reasonable – clothes in particular quickly become obsolete and not everyone wants a big cardboard box. I have cats, so I see plenty of future use for this beyond putting the baby in it. It’s basically like a double-size document box and so it’s my absolute storage dream.

It’s a big box. I only got about a day’s notice via text that it was going to arrive, and had resigned myself to driving out to Cambuslang to collect it from the depot but it randomly got redelivered at a time I was in to sign for it. Hooray.

As well as the tangible STUFF, there are plenty of leaflets, vouchers and things to read, download or save for later.

Well, yes. Not really my thing. The sentiment is lovely, but I’m not Scottish & Scots is not a written language so really I need someone to read this to me.

Gender-neutral colours in a range of sizes, which is the kind of thing I would certainly buy anyway but I know a lot of people aren’t keen on green, white and mustard babygrows. Apparently the clothes can be unpopular because people like heavily gendered clothing for their children, which is a shame. Me, I like an easy life and intend on keeping this child in washable cotton for as long as I can get away with it.

Lots of different types of things – long and short sleeves and legs – with cloud, star and giraffe patterns. Also a fuzzy jacket with ears, which is delightful.

I can see mittens & socks getting lost quite easily, but will try and keep them in the house at least. Bibs & hats are a bit easier to manage.

A nice blanket, a towel and fitted sheets for the mattress in the base of the box.

The important stuff. I have a room thermometer already but a bath temperature gauge is an excellent idea and an ear thermometer is just generally handy. Also pads, for the random bodily fluids. Can never have enough of these, apparently.

Can never have enough books either. More packs arrive later when age appropriate. Apparently I am going to have every That’s Not My… book I’ve ever bought returned to me which will be useful for starting the library collection. I am so grateful for being a child bookworm & it’s something I hope my child enjoys too.

Ducky sponge, sheep teething ring, cow… whatever that is. All good creatures. Not entirely sure what the cow is for but I’m sure I will find out.

Play mat and changing mat. Not yet unfolded as I worry I will not refold them properly.

“Please don’t do this again.” But seriously, a useful reminder that women can be fertile frighteningly quickly after birth and it’s good to be prepared.

I am very sold on the idea of hands-free baby transport, but my enthusiasm faded away a bit at antenatal class after I put a sling on backwards. However, this length of cloth looks very straightforward & has full instructions just in case. I will definitely invest in a different sling in the future if we both get on OK with it. A pram on public transport always looks a bit cumbersome, and I use buses and trains mostly so this will definitely be handy.

And there we are! Lots and lots of useful things for both of us. Never thought I’d receive or want to receive one of these, but now it’s in the middle of my living room. Things change.

Also, I thought I had quite a few stupid questions about parenting and felt like a bit of an idiot, so the reminders to not put the lid on the box when the baby’s in it, or keep it next to an open fire or on a precipice have given me more reassurance that there are no stupid questions.

The arrival of the baby box means not long until the arrival of the baby. I’m starting to struggle a bit now, physically. After the clocks went back and I had a couple of busy weekends, running fell by the wayside a bit & I have not really managed to get it back. Consoling myself with the knowledge that December is the best time to have a chill-out anyway (unless you run cross-country, I suppose) and I really don’t want to slip, fall or hurt myself. Also, walking moderately fast is enough to get my heart rate up to a decent level, so cardio fitness is basically being kept up, I just need my head to catch up with it.

I’ve already got more aches & pains going on, & whether that’s to be expected at this very late stage or is a result of cutting down the exercise, I’m not sure. But I am still hitting the gym a couple of times a week, and walking lots in between. Going to try swimming once I’ve finished up at work too. Change is OK.

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