Some background stuff…

I’m Heather, & I am running the London marathon on 28 April AND THEN the Edinburgh marathon on 26 May. I’m seeking a sub 4 hour time for at least one of them, and if I manage that, I might retire from marathons 🙂

So I ran London in 4:16 & Edinburgh in 4:20 and I am a little disappointed but fairly chuffed that I can do 2 marathons in 4 weeks. Marathons are on hold for now but I am continuing to run, lift and exercise as much as I can.

About me

I’ve been running since 2012, when I joined Glasgow Frontrunners. I didn’t get the running bug immediately – it genuinely took years – but I’m a Jog Leader and coach with the club now, & I’ve been running seriously and entering races since 2014. I ran my first marathon in 2017, then another one in 2018. One a year is now not enough, clearly.

I also lift weights, cycle when I have the time, & enjoy (most) new fitness challenges if presented with the opportunity. This, though, is about running, & the commitment and motivation needed to run two marathons in four weeks. It’s also about keeping me accountable, and keeping my Instagram captions down to a manageable level. If it inspires you to enter a marathon, or switch up your training plan, or anything like that, that’s cool too.


All of my outdoor runs are on Strava

I regularly post training updates and pictures of food on Instagram

Fancy coming to Glasgow Frontrunners? Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, runners of all abilities are welcome.


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