100 days to go!

All over Instagram today. 100 days until the London Marathon. That both seems like a long time & not that long at all.

Easy run in the cold

Tonight’s easy run with Frontrunners felt good, & the company was good. Not sure how I’ll feel in a few weeks, when I only have about 20 non-running days out of that 100. Feels like a proper countdown now though. Hotel is booked. New trainers will be bought before the sales are over. I still need to stock up on gels & Lucozade, but I am excited.

Week two

Good training week, featuring a race & a proper Friday rest day. Work has been a bit grim & I’ve been stuck to a desk for most of the week, which is mentally tiring & the lunchtime running has been good for me when I’ve managed to get away for an hour. That’s only happened once this week, but Tuesday and Thursday runs could usually both be at lunchtimes, & hopefully it makes a difference. Mostly I’m pleased to have hit the mileage specification & had some pace variation.

Monday cross-training: Cyclebox. Awesome fun & an absolute powerhouse of a workout, but probably unsustainable when the miles start racking up more. It is hard as nails. I do need to do more cycling as recovery/cross-training, but I don’t like indoor cycling without someone yelling encouragement at me, so I’m not sure how committed I will be. Strength training might be the go-to now until my body adapts.

Tuesday: 3 miles A mile and a half 😅 I was coaching Frontrunners so we did hills and intervals, and I joined in occasionally but there were some new runners & I needed to focus on coaching. I had intended to arrive early and do a couple of easy miles before the session, but life happens, etc. Sinking into the sofa when I got home was preferable to going round the block to squeeze an extra mile in.

Wednesday: 5 miles easy in the lovely sunshine

lovely sunshine

The intention is for some runs to be on a treadmill; I find it easier to do sprint repeats on the ‘mill, and also I have a regular Wednesday gym buddy & marathon training is harsh enough on your social life without disrupting things unnecessarily. Was aiming vaguely for sub 45 minutes & that felt easy enough. Lifted some weights too in the evening, but the gym was at peak January & it was super crowded. My reward was an excellent dinner.

I’m a bit envious looking back at this

Thursday: 3 miles easy-ish, although I was feeling a bit off-colour all day & wasn’t sure I would manage it. All fine in the end though.

Friday: rest day, and it was genuinely amazing, I had an Epsom salts bath & went to bed early. Training plan life is rock and roll indeed.

Saturday was the Great Stirling Castle Run, a race I entered a few months back to keep me motivated. It was tougher than I thought, but the downhills were good & the view was nice at the top, even though running past Stirling Castle just reminds me of the 2017 marathon route with the endless looping. Anyway, ‘twas a good race  7.4km is a weird distance, so I was looking for a 5km pb and approaching a 8km pb. Due to the severe hills & getting caught up at a narrow part of the trail, it wasn’t fast but I am happy with my efforts & the first medal of 2019.

Coconut, though. Why not peanut butter?

More weights too, but this week is (happily) a deload week so it’s all good.

Sunday: 10 miles, half of it with GFR. Good pace & good company. Also, weights. Still deload, but front squats day is always the harshest.

Total miles: 24.6. Resisting the urge to round it up.

Up creeps the daily average

Nutrition: good. Being back in a proper routine, some meal prep, & waiting for payday has kept me right. Mostly prepping rice+broccoli+protein source, which is not boring. I am lucky enough to work near Martha’s and whilst it’s an easy way to spend far too much money, it’s hella tasty food & is handy for the occasional disorganised or disrupted days & keeps me on track. Pre-Stirling, I had some amazing pancetta, chicken & broccoli pasta that was probably my fave meal of the whole week.

Avocado, rice & chicken sausages
Protein porridge
Lentil soup & a small cheese toastie
Beans & spinach

Feeling: in tune with my body. It’s tired from the increased mileage, which is a good cue to cut out stuff that doesn’t matter, get enough sleep & eat properly. My sleep has been less than great for a while now & I am hoping that sheer physical tiredness can fix this a bit. My hips ache a bit so I am really trying to get into a stretching routine again. I know it helps but I need to remember to do it.

To week 3!